Benefits of Small Business Digital Filing Systems

Benefits of Small Business Digital Filing System

When was the last time there wasn’t a single stray document lying about at your workplace? Probably the day you moved in, right? Document piles, stuffed folders & unorganized filing cabinets are a part of our everyday work life, especially for small businesses. Because most small businesses still communicate using written documents. From receiving documents…


How to organize paperwork

How To Organize Office Paperwork In 6 Easy Steps

Organizing office paperwork means arranging documents in a systematic way to make it easier to find them when required. There is no concrete way of organizing paperwork. Some people label their filing cabinets or drawers, some use color-coded tags & some people prefer to move away from both the previously mentioned time-consuming processes and go…


Document management software for small legal firms

Document Management Software for Small Legal Firm

Aren’t you tired of coming back to the workspace and finding stacks of discovery requests, invoices, case files, etc just lying around? Or spending hours going through physical documents, emails, scans, printouts, etc only to find a single document? These aren’t ideal ways of managing documents.  The best way to manage legal documents, or any…


Office Filing System

How to choose an office filing system?

A well-organized office filing system is a must-have for every business. An office filing system makes it easier to store & locate documents. But a filing system can mean different things for different businesses. For example, an effective filing system for a small-scale entrepreneur may be separate folders for invoices, employee records & sales receipts,…