Have you made your small business natural disaster-proof?

Wikipedia defines a natural disaster as “the effect of a natural hazard (e.g., flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, or landslide).” Natural disasters are different from natural hazards. A natural hazard turns into a disaster generally when humans are affected by the hazard and are vulnerable to it. For a business organization, this has 2 implications…


Sohodox’s reports feature helps monitor your staff’s document management activity

Sohodox document management software is no doubt an immensely useful tool for your small business; but there is much more to managing documents than just scanning documents, signing them, emailing them or publishing them. What eventually helps you keep a tab of all document management activity is the Reporting feature in Sohodox.

How does generating these reports help? Read on…


Learn how to stamp a document…and more such tricks!

Making use of folders, tags, document types etc. helps you group documents and find them quickly. But what if you want to mark a certain portion within the document as say, “Done” so that your colleagues don’t waste time reading the entire document? Or say you want to insert a bookmark on a document so that you know the next time where you stopped reading the document last time? Well, the answer to this is…