Every Document Counts, Keep them Safe

How often have you lost the whereabouts of an official document which has been buried under newer files? Or frustrated by user access limitations imposed on a shared team presentation? With technology encapsulating all businesses worldwide, electronic document management has become commonplace.


A SOHODOX Upgrade with New Looks

It was only a few days ago that our website received a massive upgrade – a new website, new logo, new feel and new experience. If you love it, then you will definitely love SOHODOX’s latest version. Keeping with this change, we have upgraded SOHODOX, so you not only have a great experience on the website,…


A New Look for SOHODOX

We’re finally done with the launch of the SOHODOX website! The new site has been up for a couple of days now, but we still had some work to do before we could call this phase over. SOHODOX is the best document management software for any small business and it deserves a new website and…


It’s a Butterfly Overhaul

It’s been brimming under the surface for quite some time and the excitement has finally got the better of us. So here’s the announcement … **drum roll** … In just a few days, you’re going to witness the new and improved SOHODOX website!! The new website will reflect everything that we cater to – beauty,…

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Access Sohodox from Multiple-Machines

To use Sohodox from multiple-machines you will need to first install Sohodox in the Server mode on one of the machines on your network. The folder in which the Sohodox database is installed should be accessible from other machines on your network. You can then install Sohodox Client on other machines on your network. Point…

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Sohodox Login Manager

Sohodox Login Manager lets you specify the location of the Sohodox server. It also lets you control when and how often Sohodox Desktop Client and other Sohodox Apps should ask you to login before allowing access. By default if after Windows startup you have logged in once to Sohodox Desktop client then Sohodox Drive will…