online document management

Document Management Increases Employee Productivity

Whatever profession you might practice, every one of us is in the constant quest of maximizing employee productivity. Increase in productivity can only be achieved when you help your employees optimize their work time. This can be achieved through document management systems which help you get rid of redundant processes and increase employee productivity.


Paperless Office Software

You are a successful small office owner. You have hundreds of loyal customers whose paper records you need to create, store and track. Every day, you end up spending a few hours of your precious time just managing paper. You cannot catch up any more. So you hire an assistant – and of course pay her salary.


Document Imaging Software

Document imaging is a routine, yet important task carried out by small business staff. Offices that scan a lot of paper spend a considerable amount of time doing this activity. What they need is a good document imaging software application that allows them to carry out multiple tasks quickly. Sohodox is a document imaging software…


File Management Software

The number one issue that confronts a small office is the multiplicity of files to be created, stored and retrieved on a daily basis. Since most files are generated and/or stored electronically these days, the need is to have a dependable electronic file management system that is capable to handling the range of tasks that…


Organizing your documents with Folders and Tags

Here is a sampling of the various types of documents that businesses deal with everyday… Contracts, agreements, invoices, checks, receipts, promissory notes, delivery notes, credit and debit notes, policies, SOPs, manuals, emails, RFP / RFQ / RFI (Request for Proposal / Quotation / Information), change requests, technical specs, QA scripts, letters, minutes, marketing materials (fliers,…