The Challenge

The number of documents to be handled at R Lafferty & Son Industrial & Commercial Contractors LLC has only increased in its 24 years of existence. Organizing all these documents generated in-house and those coming from outside was difficult. Earlier, the company used three holed binders to organize documents for each job. While they tried a couple of document management solutions, these were too elaborate and not user friendly.

I needed something that was giving me the right interface at the right cost
Don McElroy, CFO of R Lafferty.

The Solution

In their quest for cost effective document management software with a simple interface, R Lafferty searched for ‘Document Management’ on Google and found SOHODOX. The simple user interface and the ease to print or export any document gives the company exactly what they need. It fits their requirements and does not need people to be trained. SOHODOX’s easy search makes it easy for them to keep track of every project’s timesheets and vendor’s bills. This enables them to speed up their billing process. Sharing a copy of job documents with customers was never so easy at R Lafferty!

R Lafferty has been using SOHODOX for a couple of years now and they swear by its ease of operation. Not only does it meet all their needs, but it has more potential that they know they can use in the future. CFO Don McElroy says, “I have still not used all the features. I’m still exploring!”

On the few occasions that the company has had technical difficulties, SOHODOX technical team has helped them promptly.

Technical support at Sohodox was amazing. It exceeded my expectations. They respond like an in-house team.”
Don, CFO of R Lafferty.

The Outcome

SOHODOX small business document management software helped R Lafferty & Son Industrial & Commercial Contractors:

  • Organize all contracting job related documents together
  • Speed up billing processes for clients
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing them with copies of bills and timesheets fast

Let R Lafferty & Son Industrial & Commercial Contractors LLC’ success story be your firm’s too!

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About R Lafferty & Son Industrial & Commercial Contractors LLC

R Lafferty & Son Industrial & Commercial Contractors LLC is a commercial and industrial general contractor with an unlimited license in the State of Tennessee, USA.