Version - 11 Feb 2016

System default viewer option removed for MS Office files

As the built-in viewer for MS Office is working well, the option to use the System Default Viewer has been removed.

Version - 22 Dec 2015


The underlying framework of SOHODOX has been completely overhauled. This has taken us a couple of years to accomplish and we are very proud of what we pulled off. Since the framework is behind the scenes, in this release you may not see too many visible changes. However our work on the framework enables us to add new exciting features faster, fix reported bug fixes faster and release updates faster.

We have a long list of new features and enhancements lined up for the immediate future. If all goes well you will start seeing new SOHODOX releases with new features every few weeks!

Some of the new features in this release are listed below

Edit a saved query

You can now edit saved queries in SOHODOX

Search & Highlight Text (beta)

You can now see the values you searched for, highlighted within the found documents. This feature only works with PDF files and is currently in beta (we are working on improving the implementation).

Document can now be part of multiple folders (Beta)

A document can now be part of multiple folders. Simply press the ALT key, while dragging and dropping a document from one folder to another folder. The document will now appear in both folders. Please note two copies of the document are not made. So if you delete the document it will go away from all the folders it was in. This feature is currently in beta and its implementation may change based on user feedback.

New password Policies added to SOHODOX

3 policies have been added into Settings>>System Settings>>Password Policy

1. Password must contain at least one number
2. Password must contain at least one symbol
3. Password must contain at least one uppercase character

Auto-Logout feature

You can now set an inactivity timeout for individual apps in SOHODOX

Virtual Printer now supports printing of files with non-English file names

Virtual printing of files with non-English file names is now supported

SQL Server 2014 Express Edition

Support for SQL Server 2014 Express Edition now available

Version - 22 Sep 2015

Fixes compatibility issues with Windows 10

Minor Bug Fixes and changes to support Windows 10

Version - 17 Feb 2015

Improved Performance and Bug Fixes.

Minor Bug Fixes

Version - 16 Oct 2014

Improved Performance and Bug Fixes.

This Version features improved performance, better memory management and bug fixes.

Version - 07 Jul 2014

Changes to include the new Sohodox logo

Sohodox now has a new logo. So we made changes to the application to include the new logo.

Version - 26 May 2014

Bug Fixes

Minor bugs have been fixed in this version of Sohodox.

Version - 13 Mar 2014

Sohodox Drive

Sohodox Drive appears like any other drive in Windows Explorer and the File Open box. If you need to access a file from any Windows application, the Sohodox drive like the other drives on Windows Explorer, will be available giving you access to all the documents that you are authorized to view. And that’s not all, with Sohodox Drive you can easily attach documents from the repository when you reply to email messages. Sohodox Drive allows you to access folders, tags as well as various document types. You can also view, search and edit documents using this drive.

Capture Folders

Capture folders are special folders which allow you to quickly add documents to Sohodox without opening the Sohodox Desktop Client. You can create and multiple folders to capture documents and add them to Sohodox directly. Each folder can be associated with a DB and a Destination Profile. The Capture Folders can then be used when adding documents via other modules like Sohodox Drive, Send To and Virtual Printer.

For users upgrading from an older version of Sohodox, Folder Monitor has now been renamed to Local Capture Folder.

Mobile Apps

Sohodox Mobile App is now available for Android and iOS based mobile devices. With a , simple, beautiful and responsive user interface, the app makes navigation quick and easy. Folders, Tags, Document Types and Stack Types are all available at your finger tips! The app allows users to access, view, delete and download files. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Virtual Printer

Sohodox Virtual Printer lets you print any file from any Windows application and save it as a PDF file in Sohodox. You can easily print and add receipts of online transactions and reports from other applications as PDF files in Sohodox.

SQL Server Express Support

Sohodox now works with SQL Server Express 2012 Edition.Earlier versions of Sohodox created and used a MS Access based database for storing indexing data and other information about the files you have added. To support the new features in version 9 and to support features planned for the future we decided to move a more robust database.

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 is free to use and uses the same technology as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 which is an Enterprise grade database used for mission critical applications.

This change means better performance and reliability. Also for customers who have been using Sohodox for years, it means a much higher database size limit than MS Access.

Send To

Using the Send To Sohodox option, you can quickly add files to Sohodox without opening the Sohodox Desktop Client. All you have to do is just right click on the file you want to add to Sohodox and select the Send To Sohodox option. A list of Capture Folders will be displayed. Select the folder you want to add it to. The document will now be added to Sohodox and categorized.

Sohodox Server

Sohodox Server is a service which runs in the background when Sohodox is installed. By default it runs under port 7733. The Server needs to be running for Sohodox Desktop Client and all other modules including the Sohodox Mobile App to work.

Change in Login dialog

Users upgrading from an older version of Sohodox will experience a change in the Login dialog. The Login dialog is designed in such a way that The Sohodox Desktop Client and all modules like Virtual Printer, Send To and Sohodox drive will use the same login credentials. You will not be able to run two instances of Sohodox Desktop Client on one machine with different login credentials.

Import from Folders in Scan window

Sohodox allows you to add pre-scanned files to the Sohodox Scan window. Once these files are added in your library, Sohodox will treat these files as if they were received via a scanner and will let you perform additional powerful operations such combining them into multi-page PDF files via separator pages.

Version - 03 Jun 2013

Merge pages option
You can now merge two or more scanned pages and save them as PDF or TIFF files.

Version - 19 Apr 2013

You can now add a Watermark to certain types of documents in Sohodox (e.g. PDF, TIFF, PNG). For example if a document is confidential then putting a watermark with the text “CONFIDENTIAL” on the document makes it easy to identify. You can choose to choose any text with any size and font as a watermark. This helps you make sure that private or confidential documents are not being distributed or misused
Preview of MS Outlook MSG files has been improved.