I use Sohodox to organize and archive all of my personal and business files in a completely paperless environment. I used many competing products for this purpose previously but was never satisfied. Most of the file management systems that I have observed or used in the past simply mimic the Windows file system with minor cosmetic changes. Sohodox, on the other hand, provides a rich user environment that allows instant visibility of your documents while providing comfort that the documents being stored are accessible and safe. I have better utilization of my files in Sohodox than I ever had with the actual paper with none of the hassle and storage cost.

The support staff is professional and knowledgeable and intent in resolving any issue or question you may have. Once you make the commitment to enter a paperless environment you have to have confidence in the product and people who are developing and maintaining the product you are using for your file management system. I have such confidence in this company, its people and its products.

Robert Groce Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA

Prior to Sohodox, we had a few filing cabinets full of reference material accumulated over 40 years. Since Sohodox, we have disposed of bags and bags of paper files which are now accessed via Sohodox. We are extremely pleased “with how Sohodox handles”

– one of the very best of the software applications we have acquired over the 35 years that we have been using computers. Yes, we have had other “document filing applications” but none like Sohodox.

A. Da Costa Canada

This software is AMAZING. I was “using” (barely getting by with) ‘X’ software (competitor’s name withheld) that shipped with my Visioneer Strobe scanner. This was terrible software. It constantly jammed up and the whole computer had to be rebooted to unlock the software after a paper jam. It was really difficult to use and there were always problems. I’ve been using Sohodox for almost a year now. It is the best software change I have ever made. Now when the scanner jams I just click one OK tab after clearing the jam and Sohodox is ready to scan again. I have NEVER had a problem with the software. It is very fast and the OCR capabilities are outstanding. I highly recommend Sohodox. It’s not free but you will save so much time that you will make money by buying it!”

Michael Ball A to Z Stamps and Coins

I have been searching for a replacement to our existing document management system for some time now. The system we had was high end, but too complex and cumbersome for our needs. I looked at many systems, but they were too expensive, too complex or both. Sohodox seemed to be good fit for our business needs. Over several months I tested Sohodox and finally bought a copy so that I could test it when I had time. During this time I found Sohodox support to be very timely and very competent.

Recently we decided to make the move to Sohodox. I worked out a simple method of retaining most of the metadata from our old system and transferred existing documents to the Sohodox database. I had a technical issue which put a temporary halt to my conversion, but Sohodox support jumped on the issue right away and got it solved. I am very impressed by their support…especially considering that I have spent such a small amount with them up to this point. This kind of support gives me confidence that I can depend on them in the future should a need arise.

As for the Sohodox software…I love it. It is very easy to use. Searches are lightning fast (we do a lot of those). It has many very good features, many of which we don’t need now but probably will need in the future. Anyone who is looking for document management software would be well advised to check out Sohodox.

Don McElroy R. Lafferty & Son

I am a relatively new user of Sohodox, and have utilized it to manage paper clutter in my house. As a long time user of Paper Port, I was reluctant to migrate to another program and face the daunting task of having to learn a new program interface. I have been using the same version of Paper Port to manage documents in my small home office for the past ten years, and figured if it wasn’t broken that I didn’t need to replace or upgrade it!

I somehow came across Sohodox’s website last fall and decided to download and try it for 30 days. I was amazed at how easy to use the interface was, and how streamlined it was to manage 100′s of documents. When I committed to purchasing Sohodox and migrating from Paper Port, I simply dragged my Paper Port folder into Sohodox and presto – all my folders and documents were there just like I wanted them. It was that easy! 10 years worth of documents transferred almost instantly. I love that I can drag pictures, word documents, and PDF files and save them into folders in the Sohodox Program.

What really sold me on the Sohodox program though was the backup utility that comes with it. With one click, I can back up my entire Sohodox database into one file on my external hard drive. If my computer crashes, I simply re-install the Sohodox program, restore from the backup file, and everything is back to normal! Talk about easy to use!

Recently, my Sohodox database corrupted after the program didn’t shut down properly. This caused Sohodox to not open at all the next time I tried to use it. I e-mailed the ITAZ support team, and received a response 5 minutes later with a link to a small file that would repair my corrupted database. Sohodox was fixed literally within 10 minutes of the program failing to open.

The sales department was wonderful when I was purchasing the program, and I know that the support team has my back if I have any technical issues. Their support is second to none!

I would recommend this program to anyone. Try it, then buy it! You will be so glad you did! Worth every penny of the modest cost!

Stephen Coleman