Version - 22 Dec 2015

  1. Fixed: Sohodox Drive not working on Windows 10.
  2. Fixed: Public folder not opening in Sohodox drive
  3. Fixed: Virtual Printing not working for non-English files.
  4. Fixed: Certain linked documents being unlinked when a Document type is deleted.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing certain Word and Excel files.
  6. Fixed: Login dialog not displayed ocassionally.

Version - 22 Sep 2015

  1. Fixed problem with SOHODOX printer on Windows 10.

Version - 17 Feb 2015

  1. Minor bug Fixes.

Version - 16 Oct 2014

  1. Fixed: Error when performing a quick search for documents based on the Added date or Modified date.Improved: Memory management when loading large PDF files.
  2. Fixed: Document not being deleted from the dropbox folder even after the dropbox tag is removed.
  3. Fixed: Error when applying a registration key and logging out.
  4. Fixed: Error when exiting SOHODOX after the session timeout has expired.
  5. Fixed: Problem restoring a SQL EXPRESS DB to a new machine.

Version - 07 Jul 2014

  1. Fixed: Error when editing a document from Associated application.
  2. Fixed: Bug when using the Send To/Virtual Printer feature on Client machine.

Version - 23 May 2014

  1. Fixed: File getting deleted from the Local/Global Capture folder if a file type was specified not to be added in the Exception dialog and when the option Delete file from Monitored folder is selected.

Version - 13 Mar 2014

  1. Fixed: Error in the Export Wizard when exporting data after saving a export profile.
  2. Fixed: Add folders from disk dialog treated zip files as folders.
  3. Fixed: Add folders from Disk occasionally crashing.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing certain Word and Excel files.
  5. Fixed: Document Title being replaced by the File name of the document.
  6. Fixed: Other Minor Bugs

Version - 17 Jun 2013

  1. Fixed: Image cropping during rotation.
  2. Fixed: User being created even when password requirements are not met.
  3. Fixed: Error when saving a Document Type after a field is deleted.
  4. Fixed: Remember password option was visible even if Allow remember password policy was set to No.
  5. Fixed: Occasional bug when cropping a document.
  6. Fixed: Other Minor Bugs

Version - 03 Jun 2013

  1. Fixed: Cannot assign folders or tags selectively to a batch of documents in the scan window.
  2. Fixed: Barcode detection improved for barcoded separator pages.
  3. Fixed: Text Extraction not performed on certain documents.
  4. Fixed: Link existing documents option missing in the Links tab.
  5. Fixed: Merge option missing when scanning.
  6. Fixed: Other Minor Bugs

Version - 19 Apr 2013

  1. Fixed: Batch update not available for users other than superadmin.
  2. Fixed: Slow loading when previewing MS Outlook MSG files
  3. Fixed: Text extraction on certain Word and Excel documents.
  4. Fixed: Scan display Quality improved.
  5. Fixed: Sohodox fails to launch when you change the password for a user who has checked the Automatically login on start-up option.
  6. Fixed: Wrong date being displayed for Emails captured in Sohodox that are sent from Outlook.
  7. Fixed: Error when upgrading to Sohodox from version 6.
  8. Fixed: Occasional errors when scanning documents using a higher DPI.
  9. Fixed: Bug when exporting a date column to a csv file.
  10. Fixed: Problem when refreshing a list after a search result was performed.
  11. Fixed: Other minor bugs