When you install SOHODOX, it creates and uses a basic database engine. This keeps the SOHODOX installation simple and lets you quickly try SOHODOX.

However, for a speedier and more stable user experience, we highly recommend that you download and run the SOHODOX DB Engine Installer which upgrades the database engine.

The utility is simple to use. It is completely automatic and requires almost no manual steps or configuration. Here are the steps…

1.  Download the SOHODOX DB Engine Installer from the link below…

For Windows 64 bit:

For Windows 32 bit:

2.  Run the sdx-db-engine-package-sqle-x64.exe (or sdx-db-engine-package-sqle-x86.exe) file you downloaded.

The ‘Sohodox DB Engine Installer’ will be launched.

3.  Enter your email id and click the Start button.

If installation succeeds…
You will see a message which says “DB Engine installation completed successfully”.

If installation fails…
If the installation fails, please click OK to send us the log files to investigate the issue.

If installation prompts for restart before the installation completes…
Please restart the machine. On restart, the Sohodox DB Engine Installer will launch automatically and continue with the installation.

That is it! If you hit any problem, simply drop an email to [email protected]

Technical Details
Read this section only if you need more technical details about the SOHODOX database…

  • A new installation of SOHODOX sets up a MS Access based database (you do not need MS Access installed on the machine). Though this simplifies SOHODOX installation, SOHODOX works best with MS SQL Server Express Edition. The Sohodox DB Engine Installer installs MS SQL Server Express Edition 2014 and converts the SOHODOX DB.
  • If you have an existing installation of MS SQL Server Express Edition (2008, 2012 or 2014) you can configure SOHODOX to work with that as well. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how.