New utility to automatically install and configure SQL Server Express 2014
Previous versions of SOHODOX required first time users to handle the installation and configuration of SQL Express 2012.

We have highly simplified this process by creating a utility to automatically install SQL Server Express 2014 and configure SOHODOX to work with SQL Express.

To know more about the utility, click here

Improved Client server configuration
In a multi-user environment, previously in case of a new install or an upgrade users were asked to either specify the location of the ‘multi-user.gdx’ file or manually copy the ‘multi-user.gdx’ file from the Server machine to the Client machine. This process is now completely automatic.

SOHODOX will now automatically pick up the multi-user.gdx from the Server installation and replace it in the Client installations.

Determining whether SOHODOX is installed in Client/Server
Previously it was difficult to find out if SOHODOX on a particular machine was installed in Server or Client mode. The ‘About’ dialog now displays whether SOHODOX on a particular machine is installed in Server or Client mode.