1. What is the Sohodox Mobile App?

The Sohodox Mobile App lets you access documents stored in your Sohodox installation via your mobile devices.

2. What is Sohodox?

Sohodox is a Windows-based document management software for small business and home that helps you to quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Keep documents private or share them with other Sohodox users on your network.

3. Where can I download Sohodox from?

You can download Sohodox from https://sohodox.com/download/

4. On what devices does the Sohodox Mobile App work?

The Sohodox Mobile App works on…

  • iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or higher.
  • Android Devices: Mobile phones and tablets running Android Jelly Bean or Kit Kat.

5. Sohodox Mobile App is asking for URL of the Server. What do I enter?

This would be the IP address or domain name of the machine on which Sohodox is installed in Server mode. You must also specify the port number used by your Sohodox installation. By default this is 7733.

Example: If the IP address of the machine on which Sohodox is installed is, then you would enter the Server URL as…

If the URL of the machine on which Sohodox is installed is sohodox.mydomain.com, then you would enter the Server URL as… http://sohodox.mydomain.com:7733

If you do not yet have a working installation of Sohodox then you can connect the Sohodox Mobile App to your demo Sohodox DB. See next question for details of this…

6. How can I see a demo of the Sohodox Mobile App?

To see a demo of your Sohodox Mobile App, without connecting it to your Sohodox installation, enter your Server URL as… http://demodb.sohodox.com:7733

Enter both user name and password as demo (Note: Normally when using the demodb, Sohodox Mobile App will automatically enter demo as the username and password for you).

7. Can Sohodox Mobile App work with any version of Sohodox?

Sohodox Mobile App can only work with Sohodox version 9 or higher. If you are using an older version of Sohodox, you must first upgrade your installation to the latest version of Sohodox. If you are currently not eligible to a free upgrades, please contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can purchase upgrade licences.

8. How much does the Sohodox Mobile App cost?

Sohodox Mobile App is currently being made available free of cost.

9. Can I use the Sohodox Mobile App to access documents from my in-premise installation of Sohodox when I am out of the office (i.e. can it connect to my in-premise Sohodox installation via the Internet)?

Yes, this is possible. For this to work, you must ensure that your in-premise installation of Sohodox is accessible via the Internet. In technical terms this means that your Sohodox installation must be on a machine which is accessible from the Internet via a Public Static IP address and firewalls on that machine and your network must allow incoming connections over port 7733 (Note: You can easily configure your Sohodox installation to work with another port instead of the default port 7733).

10. Does Sohodox Mobile App communicate securely with my in-premise Sohodox installation?

Sohodox Mobile App can connect with your in-premise Sohodox installation over HTTP or HTTPS (HTTPS is more secure). You will need to configure your Sohodox installation to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

11. Does Sohodox Mobile App work help me manage files which are stored on my phone (e.g. photos etc.)?

No, Sohodox Mobile App does not manage files stored on your phone or other mobile devices. The Mobile App is a companion app to existing Desktop Client of Sohodox. It connects to your Sohodox installation (most likely present on a server in your office) and lets you search for and view documents in of your Sohodox DBs. Of course you can only access documents and data that you are authorized to view.

12. Does Sohodox Mobile App let me store documents on a Cloud Service and then search and view them?

No currently Sohodox Mobile App does not work with any Cloud Service. This functionality will be enabled when we start offering a cloud hosted version of Sohodox. Currently the App can only connect to your in-premise installation of Sohodox.

More questions?
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