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SOHODOX is the Simplest Document Management Software for Small Business



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Used by Small Businesses in
over 50 countries and India

I use Sohodox to file all my documents electronically. Whenever I need
to find an important document I just use search. If I need a copy all
I need is to print it. Tried various document management systems
and found Sohodox to be the best, very easy to use and support is
excellent as well.

Kevin Carbonaro

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Access Documents stored in
SOHODOX from your
mobile devices.

Free Companion Apps available for iOS and
Android phones and tablets.

Manage Documents Easily

Manage and view all types of documents
from one single application

Organize documents and email the way
you want using folders, tags and meta data.

Search engine makes 
all right documents
instantly available.



Your small businesses can capture and preserve
every document and email that enters or
exits the organization.

Have documents & email of all your staff in
one single archive!

One click backup and restore, ensures quick disaster
recovery for your small business


Everyone in Sync

Give your employees quick access
to their documents and archived email.

Authorized staff can access documents
from their Windows PC or iOS & Android devices

Make your team more productive by
sharing your documents via Dropbox integration.


Save Money

See immediate improvements in your daily
productivity and generate substantial savings.

No monthly charges means it’s affordable to put
the best software for small business
owners to work for you.

No one else can match our simplicity,
safety of documents & restore functionality.


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Papers, papers everywhere!

Papers, papers everywhere! As much as you may be the most organized person ever, documents have a tendency of getting misplaced at times that you need them the most. Especially when your business grows, the quantity of licenses, bills, certificates and receipts only increases and if it has managed to stay organized then there’s one other thing it does – take up space!

Document management systems available have turned off the vast majority of users for two main reasons : –

Sohodox India Page expensive or sufficient

Providing Document Management solution across 50 countries!

SOHODOX has been responsible for organizing documents in small and medium-sized businesses across 50 countries!

SOHODOX has more than 15 years of experience developing document management solutions.

Our loyal customers include Chartered Accountants, Construction Companies, Doctors, Insurance Agents.

Every type of small business can use SOHODOX.

We are well on our way to becoming one of the top three small business document management systems in the world!


has an efficient and  responsive customer  support team

has an efficient and responsive customer support team

can manage huge volumes of documents

can manage huge volumes of documents

is extremely  easy to use

is extremely easy to use

is Affordable

is Affordable

Smoother Organizing

Whether it’s a pile of folders in a store room or a clutter of folders on your desktop, documents like playing hide and “no” seek with you! With our quick and powerful search option, folder hierarchy, tagging options and easy document previews, organizing just got a whole
lot easier!


Faster, Easier, More Efficient

If you have a business or are a professional, then you will easily picture a scenario where a client calls and asks about a certain document. You know about it but can you find it for immediate referral? With SOHODOX, your efficiency and productivity increases by leaps and bounds, saving you so much more time to expand your business. It has features that allow you to create customized queries, scan documents and manage them by viewing them on a built-in document viewer.

Go Smart, Go Mobile

Smart working always trumps hard working, mainly because even though both ways get work done, smart working gets it done with benefits. SOHODOX is definitely for the smart worker. It offers connectivity on-the-go with Dropbox integration, multi-user setup, automatic e-mail and attachment storage options. Now, there is also a mobile app for Android and iPhone users. No excuses for sloppy document management now!



Premium Security

Business documents contain confidential information and it’s natural to be cautious while using software that has access to them. SOHODOX has special user authentication and easy backup systems as well as restoring functions. SOHODOX has been designed with simple security features that will put your security concerns at ease. No one has access to your documents but you and the team members you have shared them with.

SOHODOX is affordable

There are more than enough expensively priced, hard to use and insufficient document management systems in the market. SOHODOX ensured that it covered all the required features while staying easy to use as well as made sure that the pricing was economical so that smaller businesses, both Indian and international can afford it. In addition, you get the best customer support for any problems you may face during the first year of purchase, for free!

Only Rs. 9500 per user!

Discounts are available when you purchase for more users

One time purchase. No recurring cost.

One year of upgrade and support included free*

*Annual Maintenance Subscription after the free first year can be purchased at a minimal cost

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