The Sohodox Full Setup for Spanish

Download Sohodox Full Setup
Ver: | Size: 48.8 MB


The Sohodox Full Setup for French

Download Sohodox Full Setup
Ver: | Size: 48.8 MB

NOTE: Language setup files for the latest version 8 of Sohodox are not yet available. You can download and install the earlier version using the links below…


Sohodox Updates

Download Sohodox Update Setup
Ver: | Size: 42.0 MB

Note: There is one common update setup for all languages other than English. While updating the installation, the setup file will automatically detect the language and update Sohodox accordingly.


  • If you are using an existing installation of Sohodox in a particular language, you will currently not be able to change the installation to another language. Dynamic switching between languages will be available in a future update.
  • Sohodox installation on the server machine and on the client machine must be in the same language (E.g. If you install the French version of Sohodox on the server then you can only install the French version on the client machine.)