We store a lot of important documents and papers like bills, warranties, certificates, financial documents, etc., at home. More often than not we do not backup these documents although they are of high value. Using a Document management system you can scan and store them as a digital files.


Electronic files such as photographs e-mails, PDF etc can also be managed using a document managing software. A Document management software is a must for every home.

Sohodox is an easy to use document management software designed for home users, that can be used to used to manage your personal documents, your photographs, various bills, newspaper clippings, recipes, contacts, emails, faxes, letters, e-books, mp3 files, DVDs etc. Infact you can manage just about anything with it.

Importing your existing documents and folders is also easy, you just need to drag and drop them to Sohodox. You can also drag and drop text and images from a Web Site, from a Microsoft Word document or from a PDF document to Sohodox. You can arrange your documents in folders or quickly classify documents by attaching multiple text tags to them. You can also use a combination of both these methods.

Sohodox home document management software comes with an easy to use Scan window, using which you can scan your personal documents from any TWAIN supported scanners. Documents can be scanned as color or black & white and can be saved as PDF, Tiff Bmp etc. Sohodox can also correct your scanned documents or photos by using tools such as rotate, flip, crop, adjust brightness/contrast/color etc.

You can also annotate your documents by using the Annotation toolbar. Sohodox annotation is easy to use and has much more features. Using the annotation toolbar you can mark, highlight, insert notes/bookmarks/stamps and signature.

Documents can be displayed as thumbnails. Thumbnails generated by Sohodox clear and crisp. For a multi page document, a navigation bar is provided when you hover over the thumbnail, you can quickly navigate to all the pages using this navigation bar.

When you add documents to Sohodox, basic information about the document like its file name, author, date added on and its file type is automatically added as its indexing information. You can also add Tags (keywords) for your documents and also modify the document title if you wish. This is the basic indexing available in Sohodox.

Sohodox home document management software has a Quick Search box on its interface, which makes it easier for you to find documents quickly. You just need to enter a word from the document’s name or the document text and hit the Enter key to get the result. Sohodox also comes with an advanced search which will help you to refine the search results. You can also save your advanced searches so that you can re-use them later.

You can create login accounts for all your house members so that they can also login to Sohodox and manage their personal documents. All users have their own Private Folders which cannot be accessed by others. If you wish to Share your private documents or folders with other house users then all you need to do is drag and drop that document or folder to the Public folder.

Sohodox is very economical, it starts at just $9 per user per month (billed annually) for home users. You can see the plans we offer over here…