Save Time

Ever spent valuable time looking for an important document? Sohodox’s ability to organize documents using folders, tags and document types means that you will find any document in seconds…always! Use the time you save for other, more important tasks.

One Place for All Your Documents

Paper documents can be scanned and stored, thus protecting them from getting worn out by frequent handling. And if your documents are already in electronic form (e.g. .DOCX, .XLSX files), moving them to Sohodox means you can manage all types of documents from this one application. Moreover, the email capture feature archives emails from multiple email accounts using POP3, making it easy for you to manage all your emails from Sohodox itself.

Built-in viewers for important file formats (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX) mean that you can view these within Sohodox without having their associated applications installed on your machine.

Share Documents

With Sohodox, you can effortless share documents with other members of your team. They can log-in and work simultaneously, thus ensuring your work gets done faster!

Ease of Use

Sohodox features the familiar MS Outlook style user interface – so you and your team already know how to use it!

Secure Application

Since every user needs a unique username and password, you can be assured that access to your documents is controlled. Moreover, every user can have a private folder to store confidential documents.

Save Space

Sohodox helps you do away with filing cabinets and reclaim office space by storing documents electronically.

Buy Once, Use Forever

As Sohodox is a software product and not a subscription service, you pay for it only when you purchase a license. There are no monthly charges. Once you have downloaded, you get to keep the software forever! Save money, get Sohodox.

Disaster Recovery

If you store documents only in paper form, you risk losing all your records in the event of a disaster. Sohodox is easy to back up using online backup services. So in case of a natural or other disaster, you can be assured that your data is safe.

Data in Your Possession

Your data is with you – not hosted by someone else on the internet or dependent upon internet speed.

Access Documents on the GO

Sohodox Mobile App is now available for Android and iOS based mobile devices. With a simple and responsive user interface, the app makes navigation quick and easy. The app allows users to access, view, delete and download files even when they are away from their desk. To read more Click here