When you purchase Sohodox licenses, you receive free upgrades to all new versions of Sohodox release for a period of one year from your date of purchase. You also receive free email support for a period of one year from your date of purchase. To continue to receive these benefits beyond the first year, you must purchase Sohodox Annual Maintenance Subscription.

Below are some of the benefits of purchasing Annual Maintenance Subsciption…

  • Free access to all major and minor upgrades to Sohodox for a period of one year
  • Free customer support via email for a period of one year
  • Access to the latest value enhancing features means that you manage documents even more effectively
  • If you need technical support but do not have a current upgrade and support license, it could result in your work processes getting delayed.

Note: You must purchase as many annual maintenance subscriptions as the number of user licenses you currently own. For example, if you own one 5-user license pack and one 3-user license pack then you must purchase an annual maintenance subscription for each of these license packs as per the annual maintenance subscription pricing table.

How to check if the free Upgrade and Support period is over:

  • Click the Sohodox button at the top left of the Sohodox main screen
  • Click About Sohodox; this opens a box containing licensing information
  • The top right corner of that box will show the date on which your current Annual Maintenance Subscription period ends and how many days you are away from that date.

If there are less than 30 days to go, we strongly recommend you purchase an annual maintenance subscription today. The new license will come into effect from the day after your current license expires.