About our Affiliate program

If you own a website or a blog then you are one of those potential partners we are looking for to participate in our Affiliate program. Sohodox affiliate program is great way to earn additional revenue by just adding a banner or a link on your website/blog. You can earn 25% (and more) for every sale that is made from one of your referred customers. It’s just a matter of placing a banner or a link to your web property and then sit back with ease and watch your commissions roll in!

How it works?


How do you receive Sales Commissions?

Sohodox affiliate program is managed by Share-it.com, one of the leading e-business solution. Share-it will process the order and handle billing. It will provide you complete track of your earnings with our affiliate program and send your commissions to you. Isn’t it easy enough!


1. As an affiliate, can i buy Sohodox for myself?

Answer: No, as an Affiliate you are not allowed to buy Sohodox for yourself

2. I have filled the Share-It registration form after filling the above form, what is next?

Answer: You will have to wait for some time as your account will be activated after been reviewed by us. Once your account is reveiwed, you will receive login details for the Affiliate control Panel.

3. Can I make more than the mentioned commission on sale?

Answer: Yes, you will be made available to higher commissions subject to high volume of sales.

4. Is there any cost involved in participating in the Affiliate program?

Answer: No, there is no cost involved to join our Affiliate program